“Working with Francis was a consistent breath of fresh air and was just what I needed to set myself on the right path in building my own business – a passion of mine that I have been working towards for a while now.  He always brought enthusiasm to our sessions and that enthusiasm always rubbed off on me.  I consistently left our sessions with excitement about the next steps that I would be taking to meet my goal, and Francis was structured but kind about keeping me on track.  He was always supportive, a great listener, and guided me to make the right choices that would set me on the path to success.  I enjoyed working with him immensely and am grateful for the opportunity to have him in my corner.” April 04, 2016-

Maria and Scout in snow

Maria Huntoon


“Thank you, for coaching me several months ago.  I enjoyed working with you on my goals, and appreciate your keeping me on track.

I had some big goals, and closed out last year as the best year in my 16 years of ownership.  This year is on track to being even better, and I am sure that if it were not for your help, I wouldn’t have been able to stay on track to achieve the tasks that were ahead of me.

Coaching pushed me to get things done, simply because I knew you would be asking me how I did since our last meeting.  Being your own boss, means that there is no one to hold you accountable, which makes avoiding or delaying important tasks easy at times.  But knowing we were going to meet and discuss where I was in accomplishing the tasks – it gave me the pressure I needed to stay focused on what was important.

I can’t say it has been easy, but I can say I am better off because of your services.  I left each session surprised by how much I got out of it.  You helped me recognize accomplishments that I may not have noticed or valued.

Our discussions inspired creative ideas in tackling challenges, and brought more clarity to what I needed to do, in order to reach the next goal.

The recaps from our meetings brought great value by giving me a quick overview of what I set out to do for the week, and a way to show me what I accomplished the following week. As well as a list for things that needed more attention.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to doing this again soon.” July 2, 2013-

Anthony Devenuto

“Francis is a terrific coach to work with. He’s quick to grasp new ideas and apply them to his business. He knows what he wants and constantly works toward those goals. I always look forward to working with him.” April 4, 2008 – Howie Headshot

Howard Gershman



“When you work with Francis you can be guaranteed that Francis will focus all his attention on your needs. He has a special gift for getting to know his clients and focusing primarily on the clients needs and not his own. You can be sure that he is on your schedule and not his. He is bright, energetic and full of life. You will not be disappointed when working with Francis” June 29, 2010-

Head Shot

Alan Bernstein


“Francis is an energetic, enthusiastic proponent of Life Coaching and the process that empowers individuals to change their lives. His insight, intuition and positive energy are just a few of the tools he employs to coach clients in the most impactful way, and help them achieve a desired outcome. His good nature and heartfelt sense of humor are an addition to his already fine qualities.” August 10, 2010-

Mark Hofmaier (Headshot)(1)-Smaller

Mark Hofmaier, Business Coach, blazehof  



“I would highly recommend Francis. He is incredibly conscientious, motivated, capable, flexible and a very trusting and trusted human being. I have had the privilege of observing Francis interact with people firsthand and my observations are, his compassion and empowerment of others, coupled with his abilities to deliver on any request, and complete any task, make him a most valuable member of any company.” November 5, 2010 -Phyllie Conroy

“Francis will help you fulfill your dreams. With Francis as your coach and his support system, you will break through those things that are blocking you or holding you back from succeeding in whatever area in your life. I would highly recommend his services.” July 5, 2011-

headshot web closing

Nancy Stingone


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Francis helped me to identify and appreciate the benefits I provide in my business. This created a huge positive shift for me in not only how I look at my business, but also in what action steps I take to promote my business. Francis has a positive energy that is contagious and empowering. His expert use of coaching skills serve to guide and encourage me to move more confidently in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Francis to work with anyone who is up to the task of creating and following through with the action steps that will fulfill his/her near and long term goals.” July 21, 2011 –

Jane Kramer


Thank you for coaching me. It really helped me realize some things and slowly but surely make progress in overcoming some anxieties and stop self doubting about decisions I want to make or have already made. Since about February I have been re-building the happieness/self assureness I had  and you have been an essential part in helping me do so. I now take experiences and use them as tools to better myself-with your guidance- I will continue to use the methods (breathing, listening to my gut etc.) you have given me to further my progress. Thank you once again. Wishing you all the best. November 7, 2011 –

Daniel Grunfeld

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